Doctor Who

August 4th, 2013

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much from me recently, it is because I have been under NDA. However, I can now proudly announce that…

I am the new Doctor Who and I will be travelling to a galaxy near you soon, in my Jewish Mean Time machine.

So finally, I’m a doctor, my mother will be so proud…

Support Marriage Between Gay VFX Artists

March 29th, 2013

 Support Marriage Between Gay VFX Artists

I feel so strongly about this issue, that I’ve created this logo for you to share!

(Right click and select ’save’ to save this to your computer).

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Happy 2012!

January 1st, 2013

Sorry, I’m running a bit late…

NRA Forever!

December 21st, 2012

I agree with the NRA. Let’s put armed guards in schools. More guns is definitely the answer!

But why stop there? I say let’s arm everyone in education; teachers, students, hall monitors… only more guns can end this cycle of shootings.

That’s why it’s vital that we get guns into the hands of children as early as possible. Let’s start them off with handguns in nurseries, move them onto assault weapons in high school, then, in university, arm them with land mines, gas grenades and small thermonuclear warheads. I’m sure that will make everyone feel far safer! What’s more, it will teach children to behave responsibly with guns…and if they don’t, well, their classmates can always shoot them…en masse if necessary…

London Underground

November 28th, 2011

The Northern Line is stopping at Tottenham Court Road station this morning.

Let’s hope it starts again.


November 19th, 2011

This week, British Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, attacked Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for helping to create a selfish society.

Speaking at an interfaith reception attended by the Queen, he said “People are looking for values other than the values of a consumer society. The values of a consumer society really aren’t ones you can live by for terribly long…The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs coming down the mountain with two tablets, iPad one and iPad two, and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.”

Perhaps someone should tell Lord Sacks that you can’t spell Chief Rabbi, without “i”.


October 18th, 2011

Bye Bye Liam Fox. Don’t let the door hit  Adam Werritty in the ass on the way out.

Steve Jobs

October 6th, 2011

It should have been Bill Gates.

Like you didn’t think it…

Amanda Knox

October 4th, 2011

Amanda Knox looks like she could do with a holiday.

I hear Italy is nice this time of year.

London’s Burning

August 9th, 2011

How come, whenever there’s a riot, you never hear about anyone looting a library?